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 Example 1 

In the Banking Sector        
Jl. Cinnamon II/24
Cempaka Putih
Jakarta Pusat 17556

January 25, 2007

Bpk. Hartono Hartawan
Personnel Director
PT. Bank Perkasa
Jl. Gajah Mada 25
Jakarta 17 006


Mr Sindunata, head of the Bank's branch Mighty Tanah Abang, who is a friend of my parents, I suggest to write a letter to the father, about the possibility of a need for new employees in connection with the Bank will be opening a branch in the area of Cempaka Putih Perkasa. Whenever it is true, so good as you give me the opportunity to fill those needs.

As stated in the attached resume, I was a graduate of the Academy of Accounting Administration Foundation Indonesia (YAI) Jakarta in 2006. I have worked part time during the last 4 months as a cashier at the bookstore staff Alda, Central Jakarta. I was able to operate the computer to perform data processing and preparation of reports using MS Excel, MS Word and PowerPoint, and I am willing to use my ability to work administration.

I really want to meet you in a chance interview, which I can explain the ability and potential for myself in more depth. I can be contacted at telephone number 021-556887.

For your kind attention, I have to say thank you.


Nadya Wirda   

Example 2:

In Field Marketing / sales        
Jakarta, December 20, 2006

Head of the Personnel Division

Subject: Job Application


Based on the information of job vacancies in accordance with the advertisement in Kompas on December 18, 2006, I hereby submit myself to the position of SR (Sales Representative).

I have graduated from high school Bhinekka Tunggal Ika, Jakarta in 2005, and is currently completing the last semester of college night (Extension Program) program majoring in Marketing Management Diploma 3 in the National Development University (UPN) "Veteran" Jakarta. I have own vehicle, already have SIM C, and can speak English well orally and in writing.

For your consideration, in this letter I attach lamarana:

1 sheet of copy of the last diploma
1 sheet of copy of certificate of education course intermediate level English
1 sheet of 4x6 color photos

It is our hope for the father to / mother to give an interview, so I can show my own potential in more detail.


Eka Shah

Example 3

Accounting & Finance 1         
Jakarta, December 20, 2006

Human Resources Manager
PT. Abdi Bangsa Sejahtera Finance
Jl. No glory. 50
South Jakarta
    In accordance with a job offer from the father / mother like that is included in the daily Media Indonesia on December 18, 2006, I volunteered to join the team Accounting & Finance at PT. Abdi Bangsa Sejahtera Finance.
    I am 27 years of age, is married and has a very good health condition. I can speak English both orally and in writing. My education background is very satisfying and have a good accounting skills. I have been accustomed to working with computers mainly operate MS Office application packages, such as MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, Internet, and specialized accounting software such as SAP, as well as correspondence in English.
    I am currently working as an Accounting staff at PT. Finance Pandavas. I am glad to learn, and can work independently or in teams well. In this letter I enclose some information about me following a recent photo for consideration by the father / mother.
    I hope the father / mother willing to take the time to give an interview, so I can explain in more detail about my own potential.

Chandra Dwi

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