>>> Caffe Dream

I smell scent of a dream in your coffe
 I kissed my neck like a faithless whore
 I gulp and then finish it
 such as prayers were buried together howled
 dome is created from the blind hymn
 concerning the distant sky..as far as I sail the body
but...in the coffe...
 the same black soot
who ever you messege in a mornig
 then...you make a blanket at night
 and I can star vulnerable
Sepia....but you always suhud with the darkness of late and was
ahhh ... Sepia,, If in a cup of coffee
I could carve a clumsy body curves.
I will plant a time in your niche.
"as the cold wind that writing between us"
then we are always falling at the same table.
and meet to part.
if the faithful is the word ..
I would be devastated at my grave vortex.
then we swam to shore ..
while talking about the memories of heaven.
in a prototype.
 though I know memories
always booked into the depths of my punishment
then made me turn away from your trench
 Sepia....on the coffe I'veever kept a Dream
as I brood in my chest you snort the volcano

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